The Killing Ground


A Novel of Marines In the Vietnam War

by Dick Camp

“It’s enough to wear out several pairs of blue suede shoes.” - The New Times
Retired Marine colonel and military historian Dick Camp brings us an action-packed, edge-of-the-seat account of the early 1968 battles for Khe Sanh as follow-up to his first war novel, Echo Among Warriors. The narrative incorporates vivid fictionalized details of Camp’s real-life experiences as an infantry company commander and assistant operations officer with the 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines, during the hard-fought assault and siege phases at Khe Sanh. It is an expertly drawn saga of war based on the author’s expert knowledge of the time, the place, the techniques, and his fellow players.

The Killing Ground is a story of close combat in a life-or-death struggle between two opposing, equally committed adversaries. It represents a sequence of deadly encounters that reflect the reality of battle in the Vietnam War—intensely personal experiences that forever changed the participants. By incorporating intimate views of the “other side,” this powerful fictional narrative, closely based on stark reality and written by someone who was there, making life-or-death decisions—makes it possible for the reader to experience both sides of the epic siege of Khe Sanh.