The Raptor Force Trilogy, Book 1

A Novel by Bill Yenne

When there was nowhere else to turn, President Livingstone called his old fiend Buck Peighton, and from the shadows, Peighton called on the Raptor Force. . .


“Why can’t somebody stop them!” The woman screamed, breaking into tears as she watched the terror unfolding on the television screen.

“I only wish I could,” the man at the end of the bar said, putting down his glass. “I only wish I could.”

America was under attack again. It was as though the years since 9/11 had been a single bad weekend.

The bad guys had just upped the ante. The men of the Mujahidin Al-Akhbar were part of a global war that had as its goal the destruction of Western Civilization. The handful of men who formed the Raptor Force were like the brave citizen soldiers at Lexington and Concord more than two centuries before, or Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. They were a small band that formed the tip of the spear of a people who had finally been pushed too far – and who were ready to push back.

It was the third year of the administration of President Thomas J. Livingstone. The world had enjoyed relative peace. Order and balance in the world are insured because the member states of the United Nations had subscribed to the notion that only the world body can issue an International Validation certification to permit any nation to act militarily outside its borders.

Unfortunately, only nations have subscribed to this noble ideal.

“We’re up against bastards that are fighting dirty, really dirty,” Livingstone told Peighton.

“Dontcha think,” Peighton shrugged, “It’s time for the good guys to be fighting dirty back?”