The Raptor Force Trilogy, Book 2

A Novel by Bill Yenne

When there was nowhere else to turn, President Livingstone called his old fiend Buck Peighton, and from the shadows, Peighton called on the Raptor Force. . .


“The Sultan of Brunei is dead. Long live the sultan!”

His passing hardly rated more than a brief reference on the evening news. Nor did his rotund distant cousin, Prince Omar Jamalul Halauddin, best known on the back pages of society tabloids as an international playboy who through around his considerable weight and his royal pedigree at Hollywood pool parties and the triple-A list private club scene from London to Dubai. In the meantime, as his nights were filled with parties, it was whispered that his days were devoted to a small, but efficient, organized crime operation based in Marseilles.

“The Sultan of Brunei is dead. Long live the sultan!”

Nobody in the outside world took the new Sultan seriously. Indeed, he was hardly mentioned in the global media, and that was a problem. As with Kim Jong-il, the eccentric playboy potentate of North Korea, it was soon evident that Omar suffered from a deep inferiority complex, and that would be a problem.

Beginning with the kind of chemical attack on an American city that nobody could have expected, the sultan reaches into his arsenal for his nukes.

President Thomas Livingstone is cornered. He cannot respond with conventional forces. He must think outside the box. He must call Buck Peighton.

“They’re out there working for you, working for all of us,”Peighton told the president as they met secretly. “They’re out there working to stop the rogues and criminals that think they can strike our homeland with impunity. They’re striking back at the enemy that nobody else can touch.”