The Raptor Force Trilogy, Book 3

A Novel by Bill Yenne

For more than a week, Suzanne Harris had been living in a corkscrew tunnel into the depths of a rabbit hole worthy of Lewis Carroll’s most insane fantasies. The young journalist had promised to protect her sources – including the man who’d saved her life twice – but the main reason that she could not write her unbelievable story was, simply put, nobody would believe it!

At last, unimpeachable documentary proof of an even more astonishing intrigue was within her grasp. All she had to do was reach out and take it.


When there was nowhere else to turn, President Tom Livingstone called his old friend General Buck Peighton, and from the shadows, Peighton called on the Raptor Force. . .


President Livingstone was in Brussels on a whirlwind tour of Europe that had taken him and the first lady to London and Buckingham Palace the day before yesterday, and which would carry them on to Paris for an official reception at Versailles this evening.

In a couple of days, they would be home for the final act of Tom’s reelection campaign. In a couple of weeks, it would be over. It had been a close-fought, often bitter campaign, and it was still neck and neck. The international visit had been planned as an opportunity to tidy up the often strained relations between the United States and its European friends, but it didn’t hurt that it would make Livingstone look like a statesman at home.

Joyce Livingstone was on a routine meet and greet, when suddenly her world, and that of her husband, was turned upside down.

The news channels interrupted with breaking news. . . The wife of the president of the United States had just been kidnapped!

But, as only a few came to know, she had not been taken for ransom. What the media screamed to be the crime of the decade is merely a cover for an even bigger crime that is about to come.

The president himself suffers a nervous breakdown on national television with less than two weeks to go before the election – but it’s not from natural causes.

General Buckley Peighton, the president’s only link to his Raptor Force, lies unconscious in a hospital bed – and someone is coming down the hall. A little more morphine will help him rest. . .