An Novel of Alternate History

by Bill Yenne

They have allowed us to kick the hell out of one bastard [Hitler] and at the same time forced us to establish a second one [Stalin] as evil or more evil than the first. We have won a series of battles, not a war for peace. We’re headed down another long road to losing another peace. This day we have missed another date with our destiny, and this time we’ll need Almighty God’s constant help, if we’re going to live in the same world with Stalin and his murdering cutthroats.

I wonder how the dead will speak today when they know that for the first time in centuries, we have opened Central and Western Europe to the forces of Genghis Khan. I wonder how they feel now that they know there will be no peace in our times and that Americans, some not yet born, will have to fight the Russians tomorrow, or ten, fifteen, or twenty years from tomorrow.
——General George Smith Patton, Jr., Commanding General, United States Third Army (May 1945)

This book is a work of fiction that departs from historical reality on May 21, 1945. The geopolitical situation that existed on May 21 is accurate, and all of the events that occurred prior to that date actually happened. The United Nations Conference in San Francisco had begun on April 25. World War II in Europe had ended two weeks earlier on May 7. The events that the author describes as having occurred on and after May 21, 1945 are fictitious.

As the story unfolds, General George and his Third Army are the only bulwark against Josef Stalin’s dream of world conquest. During the course of the narrative, Patton, now a five-star general, halts Stalin’s legions and delivers the war home to the Man of Steel himself.

Praise for A DAMNED FINE WAR: A Novel of Alternate History By Bill Yenne

Bill Yenne’s A Damned Fine War is an action-packed, Patton-size novel. Powerful and compelling, this great read captures the crucial decisions and events associated with the final days of World War II, and more importantly for history, the potential for global domination by one man and one nation. This book, a classic battle between good and evil played out on an international stage, is fast moving and entertaining. Any person interested in history will be properly moved by the what-if scenarios involving victorious armies and men of history. A Damned Fine War also shines as it explores the potentially catastrophic potential at the end of World War II, a titanic struggle that eventually produced a superhero with four stars on a gleaming helmet. A great read. I highly recommend it!
——Brian Sobel, Author of The Fighting Pattons

I have always enjoyed counterfactual histories, but good ones are more than just entertainment. Alternative histories can make us think about what might have happened if things had turned out a little differently, and what the consequences would have been. Bill Yenne’s A Damned Fine War succeeds triumphantly on both accounts. It is an excellent read, and offers us some sobering “might have beens.”
——Gary Sheffield, Professor of War Studies, University of Birmingham, England

To sum it up succinctly, A Damned Fine War is A Damned Fine Book! Patton did, indeed, have the intelligence, ability, and capacity for five-star rank.
——Charles M. Province, The General George S. Patton, Jr. Historical Society