by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

The annals of aerial combat are as immensely deep as they are immensely wide. Aviation stories—especially combat aviation stories—never fail to fascinate and instruct listeners and readers across national or generational boundaries. They have been sought out and devoured from the earliest days of flight, and their popularity has done nothing but grow ever since.

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver started collecting live-action tales of aviation combat heroics—from the aviators’ own lips—at a tender age, and he has been sharing them with the reading public, chiefly with subscribers to Flight Journal, for decades. Air Combat Annals is a notworthy collection of his writing and storytelling, and it includes exciting material never before published. It is a fitting tribute, mainly to American combat airmen of World War II, but also to several Axis pilots as well as American combat aviators who flew in the Korean and Vietnam wars.