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I picked and packed many thousands of books over nearly two decades. When I scaled back Pacifica Military History, I promised myself, my wife, and my orthopedic surgeon that I’d never again pick up a case of books (35 to 40 pounds each).

The current crop of Pacifica Military History print-on-demand books are manufactured on the East Coast, 3,000 miles away. It’s now too expensive to ship books across the U.S., then reship them. To keep the orthopedic surgeon happy and costs to you down, I have installed pointers to the page on bookseller sites for each of my live print-on-demand paper titles—now more than 35. These booksellers charge less than I would if I had to ship books across the country and store them in the right environment.

To order any book on this entire site, use the links provided to click through to the booksellers and place your order with one of them.



These days, eBook sales are outpacing traditional paper book sales by a wide and growing margin. We have made deals with the most popular purveyors of eBooks, including, Barnes and, Apple, Kobo, and Google Books. Direct links to these sellers are provided alongside free samples and book descriptions.

Amazon Kindle has free versions of eBook readers that can run on most smart phones as well as on free desktop reader software for Macs and PCs. You can also find a Kindle app at the Apple iPad app store.